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What’s in your new King’s body jewelry?

A new line of “gold and diamond” jewelry featuring images of Queen Elizabeth II is being launched, the Queen’s Body Jewelry Collection, which will be available exclusively at the Royal Collection store in London.

The line, which was announced on the royal website, includes a new, limited-edition necklace, a crown, a bracelet, earrings and a bracelet necklace, and will be sold exclusively at RBC.

It also includes an “aquamara” bracelet, which is a limited edition design inspired by the Royal family.

The collection will launch at the British retail chain’s London store on Sept. 11.

The Queen’s family has always loved and adored the design, but the Royal Family has always wanted to create something new for the first time.

The Royal Collection is also expanding the range of its collection of traditional and contemporary jewelry.

The new line includes: a crown with a crown stone, made of gold and stone; a bracelet with a clasp; a diamond necklace; and a ring, with an intricate design inspired in the life of Queen Charlotte of England, which features an array of hand-carved stones.

The brand is calling it the “Queen’s Diamond Collection.”

“Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamonds are truly a personal statement, the best and most unique jewelry in the world.

We want to create a collection that will be a symbol of who she is, and is still as special today as she was 100 years ago,” said Alexandra Horsley, vice president of communications at Royal Collection.

“These gems are timeless, and they will be an ideal choice for anyone who loves her,” she added.

The royal family’s love of traditional jewelry has been evident in their family jewels and in their jewelry collections.

Queen Elizabeth, who was the third wife of King George VI, was known to decorate her jewelry with hand-made pieces and carved gems, and her eldest son, Prince Philip, was a prolific collector of gold, diamonds, and other precious stones.

His collection of more than 80,000 pieces, including some of the most precious stones in the British Isles, was valued at more than $3.5 billion.

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