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How the Afro-American Music Industry Became the World’s Largest Earning Industry

Hip hop, pop, rock and soul have become the top earners of the African diaspora, while jewelry, designer clothing and antiques are increasingly among the top 10 earners worldwide, according to a report released Wednesday.

The annual Report of the Americas (RAAM) report tracks global earnings from musicians and artists from over 2,000 countries, and shows that African American music revenue grew to $1.1 billion in 2015, from $931 million in 2010.

“The number of musicians and entertainers from Africa has grown dramatically over the past two decades, with the number of African American musicians surpassing the number from any other region of the world,” the report said.

In addition to music, artists include pop star Nicki Minaj, actor Michael Cera, actress Aisha Tyler, fashion designer Yara Shahidi, rapper T-Pain, and singer-songwriter Adele.

Top earner: African American songwriter Adelle Carter with $7.3 million, followed by Adele with $5.9 million, singer Beyonce with $4.7 million and country star Ariana Grande with $3.5 million.

A number of other stars, including Beyonce, Ariana, Rihanna and Madonna, are among the highest earners among African American artists.

More than 20 percent of the $1 billion earner came from China and the Philippines, followed closely by Japan, Germany and Russia.

African American artists have made a huge impact in the U.S. Since 2006, African American pop artists have dominated the Billboard Hot 100 charts, reaching No. 2 on June 5, 2010.

The chart’s top 10 in the United States this year includes four African American female artists: Beyonce (No. 2), Adele (No 2), Rihanna (No 4) and Madonna (No 8).

The report said the median income of African Americans is $28,958 in the country, compared with $43,521 for the U,S.

population as a whole.

While the median household income in the US is $58,621, median annual income for African Americans in the year ending in September was $14,921, the report showed.

The median household age in the world is 32.6 years, while the median age of African-Americans in the Americas is 27.7 years, according the report.

Racial differences in income and education levels among African Americans have been an issue in the African American community.

Over the past 10 years, the number one cause of poverty in the USA has been the gap between the incomes of African and white Americans.

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