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Love the way that this panda’s eyes sparkle

People have long considered panda eyes to be magical and sparkle, but in recent years scientists have been exploring the phenomenon in greater detail.

In 2014, researchers from the University of Washington found that the eyes in the animals’ eyes actually contain chemical substances that allow them to perceive light and dark.

Researchers also found that when panda cubs stare at objects in the wild, their pupils expand and their pupils dilate.

They also found a difference in pupil size between wild panda and captivity panda.

The findings are published in the journal Current Biology.

[See: Why Your Panda Eyes Are Unique]More recently, scientists found that panda pupils are similar to the pupils of people and animals.

And while panda-eyed people are generally thought to be a sign of social intelligence, their eyes also seem to reflect their emotions.

Scientists have been studying how panda eye color is influenced by social interaction.

For instance, in a study led by graduate student Jiaxiang Wang, a Chinese team observed a group of panda males and females interacting with one another.

When they approached one another, the females made larger pupils, and the males made smaller ones.

The males also showed a stronger preference for the larger pupils of the females.

This was true even when the males were shown pictures of female faces.

Wang and her colleagues also discovered that pangas were less sensitive to other panda images.

The researchers believe that pampering a panda, especially a male panda with a big nose, can increase the pandas’ ability to perceive human faces and also increase the amount of time they spend in the group.

In addition to the study by Wang and others, in 2016, researchers also found evidence of panga-eye color in humans.

A study published in Nature Genetics revealed that people with brown eyes and brown eyes of average size tended to have more difficulty recognizing people with blue eyes and a smaller eye diameter than those with blue-eyed eyes.

They were also more likely to have trouble reading people’s faces.

The study was done in the United States and Canada.

It is not known whether panda or human eye color are more or less common in the populations studied, but they do seem to have a strong influence on their eyes.

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