Dreamland Jewelry Box: A Virtual Jewelry Cleaner with an Ultra-Sensitive Touch Source Wired title The Ultimate Jewelry Jewelrybox with an Ultralight Touch Source TechCrunch

Oct 28, 2021 Property type

The Dreamland collection is one of the first to feature the ultra-sensitive touch sensor, the ZS-3.

The ZS3 is an “Ultra Sensitive Touch Sensor” that can detect the exact amount of pressure on your finger and tell you if there’s any damage.

It’s also a much more compact sensor that’s much easier to carry.

It’s a nifty feature, but the real magic happens when you use it on your jewelry.

With the ZR-2 and ZR1, Dreamland has added a second layer of protection against scratches and dings.

When you touch the ZT-3, a third layer of scratch protection is added.

The z-sticking mechanism makes it easier to reach out and pick up jewelry, but there’s also more pressure on the ZZ-3 to prevent scratching.

The second layer also provides a more secure grip when it comes to holding and sliding the Z-3 against the glass.

The ZS5 also comes with an integrated “micro-fiber” coating on the back that helps protect the ZTM-3 from scratches.

You can also remove the rubber bumper to get rid of the “sad face” feature.

The z-stickers are a very useful feature when it’s time to get out of the house.

There’s a small button on the side of the device that can be used to push the ZSM-3 into a slot, which allows you to attach a second glove.

The device also comes in a variety of colors, but we recommend the white.

The white version is available in four colors and a red version.

The red version is currently on sale for $399, and the white version comes with a gold finish, but is still $199.

The Dreamland ZTM3 is available for preorder now, with a launch date of February 2, 2019.

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