The new ‘Lion’ jewelry designer’s dream is to make $100,000 a year


daniel liu’s jewelry designs have long been synonymous with the fashion world.

But with the rise of the wearable technology, jewelry designer daniell liu is starting to see her work rise to the top of the luxury jewelry market.

Last month, the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, who’s best known for her designs for designer brands like Louis Vuitton, was named one of the 50 Most Influential People in Fashion.

Now, in an interview with TIME, Liu says she wants to take that success to the next level.

“It’s really important to have a place where you can tell your story,” Liu tells TIME.

“I want to have that conversation with people.”

A big part of her story involves her early years.

Liu, who has a PhD in biology, says she and her father were very poor, so she was raised by her mother and two sisters.

At the age of five, Liue became addicted to painkillers, and she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

As her bipolar disorder grew, Liuer says, she started to notice that her moods were changing.

“Suddenly I was starting to notice how people were acting,” Liuer tells TIME, “I was starting on the path to being depressed.”

It wasn’t until Liuer got married and started working at a fashion house that she noticed that people were looking more closely at her body.

“They started asking, ‘Are you wearing this?'”

Liuer recalls.

“My husband was very supportive of me, and I didn’t have a lot of money.

I didn.

So I got very, very supportive.”

The next step in Liu’s journey to self-expression came when she moved to the US in 2003, where she began designing jewelry for luxury brands.

The company she worked at at the time, The Jewelers Group, was based in New York City, so it was a natural fit for Liu.

“They’re very different in that they’re very high end and they’re also very intimate, so I was really thrilled to be working in the world’s most intimate and high end space,” Liue says.

“It’s a very intimate place, which I think has helped me tremendously.

And I was also thrilled to have this very rich culture, which was a huge part of the reason why I was able to come to work here.”

The journey has been a whirlwind for Liue.

In 2010, she was named the youngest person to be the inaugural recipient of the Global Leadership Award from the International Association of Jewelry Directors (IAJD), a prestigious organization dedicated to promoting the art of fine jewelry making.

She’s since won the award eight times.

Liuer also won a Grammy Award for her 2013 album “The Lion’s Share,” which was the first female-produced album to reach number one on the Billboard charts.

“The Lion, the Sheath of Herself” was the title track on the album, which came out in 2014.

She was also a featured artist on the 2016 documentary “My Name Is,” which follows Liuer as she navigates her journey to personal empowerment.

In her new book, “The Jewelers: My Journey to Personal Power,” published by Simon & Schuster, Liuing talks about her life and work.

She says she’s inspired by the people who have helped her through her own struggles.

“I think the most inspirational part about being a part of this industry is that I see the people and the companies that are making the products, and how they’re doing it.

It’s really empowering to see people being successful in their own way,” Liuing says.

She says it’s also inspiring to see how she’s shaped her own brand over the years.

“The idea of being a person who has had this opportunity and been in this space, I think, is one of those things that makes you really proud and I’m proud to be a part for my whole career,” Liued says.

In the book, Liued shares how she learned to focus on her work, instead of her feelings.

She describes the moment she realized she wasn’t working hard enough.

“You have to make it,” she says, “and then you have to go do something else.”

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