How to avoid a ‘sad’ wedding anniversary

Sep 22, 2021 Repeater

As the date of the wedding approaches, here’s how you can avoid one by avoiding “the sad” anniversary of your baby’s birth.

The date is always a source of consternation for many couples, especially those who want to spend a few years celebrating their new life together.

But if the couple is a single parent with two kids, it can be easier to celebrate your wedding anniversary on your own.

The good news is that there are ways to celebrate this special occasion without getting your wedding ring or bracelet stolen.

Here are 10 things you can do to make your anniversary a success:1.

Plan ahead.

The day after the birth of your child is always an important time for you, and there are several ways you can plan ahead to make sure you have the perfect wedding present for the special occasion.

For example, you can start with planning your wedding at home with a small gift from a loved one, like a gift card for the groom’s restaurant or a birthday card.2.

Take time to plan.

You want to make the most of this special time and plan ahead so you can get the most out of your day.3.

Get creative.

If you can find a way to use your wedding day for something fun like art, music, or crafts, it might be worth considering.4.

Get the best possible guest.

If your guests aren’t already a part of your wedding, be sure to ask them to help out during the ceremony.5.

Celebrate with a special gift.

Some couples might consider making a special present for their baby to commemorate the anniversary, but be sure that the gift doesn’t cost you money.

Here’s a list of items that you might consider:• A pair of shoes• A bouquet• A hat or a bouquet of flowers• A small gift card from a friend or family member• A bracelet with a custom message from the bride or groom• A gift certificate for your wedding ceremony.6.

Set aside some time for the ceremony itself.

Many couples plan their ceremony to include a ceremony dance, a toast, and/or a silent auction, but there are many other ways to incorporate your ceremony into your day, whether you are a single or two-person couple.7.

Bring a ring and bracelet.

If a ring is something you plan to wear during your wedding night, you might want to consider having a small, personalized ring made for you.

If the ring is too small, it could make your wedding extra special.

For example, if you are getting married in a large room, you could get a small diamond ring for your engagement ring, or have a large diamond ring that you can put on your finger or use to ring the bells at your wedding.8.

Make sure your guests don’t miss out on the big day.

You might think you are only celebrating your new life, but a few friends or family members will be there to watch you celebrate your big day, so you need to make a plan to keep everyone informed.9.

Use social media.

Many people use social media to share their wedding photos and videos, but it’s a good idea to make this a regular part of the day.

If someone is able to access your wedding photos, they can also post them on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.10.

Plan a special reception.

If possible, it’s best to make reservations at a restaurant with a large gathering area, so guests can gather for the reception.

You can also arrange a reception in your favorite neighborhood for a special event.

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