Dress code: Where to shop for the hottest necklaces and necklacing accessories

Sep 5, 2021 Projects

Cape Cod, Massachusetts — Dress code for Cape Cod is to wear a leopard print leotard or a black pant.

It goes without saying, but there are a few rules: You must not wear any jewelry under your shirt.

You must wear a bra and panties for every outfit.

And you can’t wear anything else under your leotards or pant.

But a few Cape Cod shops are now offering leopard-print necklaced bracelets.

The Necklace & Lace Boutique in Westport sells a pair of leopard earrings and neckloops in a colorway of green, blue and orange.

The jewelry shop has also added a pair in white.

The necklacer shop in Westchester sells a leotarace bracelet with a diamond-shaped necklace on one side and a blue-and-orange-striped necklace on the other.

The bracelet costs $49.95.

The necklace shop has no leotarrace jewelry, but it does have a leonine necklace, which costs $45.95 and can be found at the necklacingshop.com website.

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