Which brands make the most jewelry?

Aug 18, 2021 Sports

By David L. Martin – ReutersHealth & BeautyThe US$3 trillion jewelry industry has become a $2.4 trillion global industry, with a population of roughly 1.5 billion people.

According to the World Economic Forum, the top 10 brands have an annual revenue of about US$40 billion and $50 billion in sales.

Here are some of the best-selling items from the industry, along with their cost and size:The best-known jewelry brands:Brands in the US$2 trillion industry:Pagoda , $1,865,800Pagodia , $2,600,000Pagadias, $1-3,000,000Jade , $3,300,000Nadine, $2-4,000Hair, $500-1,000Beads, $200-500Pamela, $7,800,000Aurora , $9,800-11,500Meadows, $9-12,500J.

Crew , $11,800-$12,000Cherie DeWitt, $8,800Dorsey & Mather, $10,400Penny Pearl, $3-5,000Chrysler , $12,400-15,000Keebler, $13,800Sara, $18,800J.

Crew, $19,200Tower, $20,000Vans, $21,500CVS, $30,000Amex, $50,000Lush, $60,000Tattoo, $100,000Fashionista, $150,000Strawberry Fields Forever, $180,000Esquire, $190,000Saks Fifth Avenue, $250,000Odeon, $350,000Zara,  $350,800Jewelry for men and womenIn the US, the largest jewelry brands are:Pegs,$1,200,000Paul Ryan, $700,000Dior, $900,000Mazzy, $999,999Sizes:Sizes are based on the size of the piece in question.

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