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Google News article Google has announced that the Google Home device that was announced earlier this year will be getting a new update soon.

This is likely for the first time ever, and it will add new features such as a weather widget, Google Now integration, and more.

The update will be rolled out in phases, so it will be available for the Google Pixel 2, Google Home, and Google Home Mini devices from January 8.

It will be released in stages, and you’ll only be able go ahead and download it after a few weeks of inactivity.

Google will likely make it available for all Google devices by the end of January.

Google Home is a small Google device that plugs into your home network.

It’s one of the first devices that the company introduced to the public.

It was initially designed to act as a speaker in the home, but was later expanded to include a media center, media player, and an audio player.

The Google Home can connect to your home WiFi network, and will work with the Chromecast Ultra or the new Fire TV Stick.

The device can also connect to the Google Cloud Storage service.

This service lets you keep your music, movies, and photos on your device, so you can play them anywhere you have internet access.

Google’s plans to release an Android TV version of the device is also a first for the company.

The company says that the Home Mini will be “the first to support Google TV”.

This means that the device will have access to Google’s media player and media apps.

Google announced the new Home Mini at the I/O developer conference in June, but it wasn’t officially available until July.

The new Google Home update will go live for the Pixel 2 and Google Pixel devices in the US on January 12, while the Pixel and Pixel XL devices in Canada, the UK, and Australia will be out on January 22.

The Pixel 2 will also be able get the Google Assistant on the Home, while all Pixel and Mini devices will receive the new Google Assistant app on January 15.

Google has also updated the Google Now app for all Pixel devices, and Pixel phones will get the new Now on Tap feature on January 14.

Google also announced that Pixel owners in the UK will soon be able buy Google Home with a monthly pass for around £25, and the Pixel 4 will be launching in the coming days.

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