New Apple Watch case from Japanese brand: $1,000

Jun 19, 2021 Sports

When it comes to fashion, Japanese designer Nobuhiro Nakamoto knows that the best way to look fashionable is to make it yourself.

And so it’s no surprise that the company behind the latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch, is starting with a piece of wearable jewellery.

The company is offering a pair of $1 million-plus watches in the brand new Miyota Seiko Quartz Watch (also known as the Miyota Quartz Jewelry Collection). 

Nakamoto said the watches are “inspired by the history and culture of Japan”. 

“They’re also meant to be unique, like the watch you wear around your neck,” he said. 

“We wanted to give people a very different experience to traditional watches, which are more like pieces of leather or gold.” 

Nukamoto’s company, Miyota, also offers an assortment of other watch accessories including watches, jewelry, watches cases and bracelets. 

The new watch is expected to be launched in June and is expected for a launch price of $2,500 US, with a $200 value. 

There’s more: It looks like Apple Watch’s upcoming watch might be the first time a Japanese watchmaker has made a watch that actually looks like a Japanese piece of jewellery rather than the more Western look. 

A pair of Japanese-style quartz watches with a matching bracelet.

The watches are available for pre-order for $1m (£637) US. 

You can pre-purchase the watch online now, and the company says they will start shipping in the first quarter of next year. 

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